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Cary M. Maguire Fellowship

Anthony H. Catanach, Jr., Ph.D.
Cary M. Maguire Fellow

The Cary M. Maguire Fellowship in Applied Ethics was designed to support an individual who is doing work at the interaction of theory and practice, generally in the area of effective meaningful disclosure, with special emphasis in the area of accounting. In keeping with the mission of The Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics, the Cary M. Maguire Fellow is committed to work that fosters a meaningful and productive engagement with industry groups, the academic community and regulatory agencies. The first recipient of the Maguire Fellowship is Anthony Catanach, Ph.D. Dr. Catanach's major expertise is in the area of accountancy. Learn more about Dr. Catanach »

There have been a number of accounts of the causes and nature of the current financial crisis. Regulators, practitioners and commentators have agreed on the need for greater focus on meaningful disclosure and transparency. There is increasing concern that the current frameworks for disclosure do not provide the quality and quantity of information necessary for investors to make good decisions and for regulators to know when to intervene to prevent or mitigate financial crises.

Dr. Catanach investigates issues concerning the question of meaningful disclosure; including which forms of disclosure are meaningful to the investor and regulatory community and how a regulatory framework should be designed to encourage such meaningful disclosure. He also investigates the question of whether it is a matter of more regulation or simply enforcing the regulatory requirements already on the books.

As part of the Fellowship, Dr. Catanach engages with public officials, industry and trade groups, practitioners and academics interested in promoting and encouraging meaningful disclosure in the financial services industry. You can learn more about the activities of the Cary M. Maguire Fellow on the Center's LinkedIn group, which serves as a focal point for interested parties to engage in and discuss related ideas. Please check out the group's page frequently and join in the conversation.