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Ethics Books

Business Ethics: Policies and Persons

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Laura L. Nash, Henri-Claude de Bettignies

A comprehensive collection presents a case-method approach to teaching business ethics.

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Conscience and Corporate Culture

Kenneth E. Goodpaster

Analyzes the role of conscience, both personal and collective, in business decision making.

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Contemporary Reflections on Business Ethics

Ronald Duska

This book includes a selection of articles that Duska has written throughout the years on ethics, business ethics, teaching ethics, and agency theory.

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4th edition • $65 • FA290.04.1
ISBN: 1-978-1-58293-038-1

Ethics For The Financial Services Professional

Julie Anne Ragatz, Ronald F. Duska

In this age of hedge fund failures, the mortgage market collapse, and corporate meltdowns, the financial planner's desk becomes a major point where the professional can either choose to advise, correct, or facilitate an ethical misstep. The financial services market is huge, encompassing banks, securities firms, insurance companies, mutual fund organizations, investment banks, pension funds, and mortgage lenders-essentially any company doing business in the financial arena. In addition, it is filled with a bewildering array of areas to master, ranging from sophisticated products to sales techniques. Learn how to be exceedingly clear on how to provide ethically for client needs and why the financial services professions exist.

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