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Julie Ragatz’s Recent Interview on Bloomberg TV

On October 3, 2012, Julie Ragatz, Director of the Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics in Financial Services, was interviewed live on Bloomberg TV’s “Bottom Line”.  Speaking with Mark Crumpton, Julie discussed how the Center and The American College protect consumers by training practitioners to become more sensitive to ethical issues and to think more critically about ethical solutions.

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MF Global’s Missing Money

Julie Ragatz discusses MF Global's recent trouble and the difference between bad compliance and bad ethics.

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FINRA’s Ethical Issues

Julie Ragatz, Director for the Center of Ethics at the American College, comments on the SEC investigation of a FINRA director, who allegidly doctored official records before sending them for inspection.

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Imposter Cases & Incontestability

Professor Glenn Stevick, Jr. discusses imposter cases and leaving laws to state interpretation.

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The Ethics of Bernie Madoff

Julie Ragatz of the Center for Ethics in Financial Services discusses the ethics behind Bernie Madoff’s 150-year sentence.

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Be Your Own Chief Ethics Officer

Julie Ragatz discusses the increasingly popular role of the Chief Ethics Officer.

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Is it Ever Ethical to Act Unethically?

Julie Ragatz, Assistant Director of the Center for Ethics in Financial Services, speaks with National Underwriter columnist Peter Kensicki about circumstances allowing for unethical behavior. Read Dr. Kensicki’s article, “Is it Ever Ethical to Act Unethically?”.

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Reduce Vulnerability, Combat Human Trafficking

Mark Lagon, a senior advisor to LexisNexis, discusses efforts to combat human trafficking.

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Fair Value Reporting: Real Cause of Crisis?

Tony Catanach, PhD, discusses original research to determine if fair value reporting deserves the blame as the cause of the financial services crisis.

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