To raise the level of ethical behavior in the financial services industry


To promote ethical behavior by offering research and programs that go beyond the rules of market conduct to help increase awareness of ethical issues by individuals and companies and support them to think more critically about solutions for the benefit of society.


The American College of Financial Services was founded by Solomon Huebner in 1927 for the purpose of developing professionals in the insurance marketplace. Since its inception, The College has helped professionals realize their career goals through rigorous and practical education in financial services. Today, we demonstrate our commitment to benefitting society by delivering the highest quality education to the professionals entrusted with the public’s financial well-being.

The American College Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics in Financial Services serves as a resource for original research, programs, and discussion of emerging ethical issues in the financial services industry. With an emphasis on applied knowledge, we provide interactive continuing education courses, forums, and workshops to help practitioners think critically and behave ethically, even in the absence of clear direction.

Our guiding principles steer our work. We advocate for ethics by bringing independent, objective perspectives to advance our vision. Yet, we recognize the difficult task of balancing stakeholder interests in business -- we support individuals and leaders to think critically about their role in providing value for the benefit.