To underscore the importance of ethics standards for Huebner School designations, the Board of Trustees adopted a Code of Ethics in 1984. Embodied in the Code are the Professional Pledge and eight Canons.

The Professional Pledge

"In all my professional relationships, I pledge myself to the following rule of ethical conduct: I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, which I shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself."

The Canons

•   Conduct yourself at all times with honor and dignity.

•   Avoid practices that would bring dishonor upon your profession or The American College.

•   Publicize your achievement in ways that enhance the integrity of your profession.

•   Continue your studies throughout your working life so as to maintain a high level of professional competence.

•   Do your utmost to attain a distinguished record of professional service.

•   Support the established institutions and organizations concerned with the integrity of your profession.

•   Participate in building your profession by encouraging and providing appropriate assistance to qualified persons pursuing professional studies.

•   Comply with all laws and regulations, particularly as they relate to professional and business activities.