When—and How—to Apologize to Clients

Even highly competent advisors make mistakes. And these mistakes raise the interesting question of both when and how to apologize. Some argue that it’s never a good idea for an advisor to apologize, particularly when the mistake in question touches on areas of competence or diligence.

Julie Ragatz on PBS Nightly Business Report

Julie Ragatz discusses the recent controversy surrounding United Airlines.

5 Steps to an Orderly Succession

Advisors’ life work centers on helping others prepare for the future, so it’s surprising how often they fail to make a detailed succession plan of their own. It is, of course, difficult to picture client relationships, nurtured and grown for decades, being placed in the hands of someone else.

When You Shouldn't Listen to the Boss

If your boss wants you to do something that doesn’t seem quite right, should you do it? And what happens if you don’t? There’s no correct answer, but here’s a hint. When the judge’s gavel bangs, and employees go to jail or get fired, it’s not usually the CEO who takes the fall.

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