Fifteenth Annual Forum on Ethical Leadership in Financial Services


The James A. and Linda R. Mitchell/The American College Forum on Ethical Leadership was held on January 16-17, 2015 at the Breakers Resort in West Palm Beach, Florida. This invitation-only event is designed to bring together academics and executives for a day of discussion on current ethical topics in financial services. This year’s participants included Dawn Elm (University of Saint Thomas), Rand Harbert (State Farm), Robert Johnson (The American College), Christopher MacDonald (Ryerson University), Donald Mayer (University of Denver), Jim Mitchell (The American College/IDS Life Insurance Co. [Retired]), Robert Prentice (University of Texas at Austin), Julie Ragatz (The American College), Victoria Sweeney (KPMG, LLP) , John Taft (RBC Wealth Management), Mark Weber (SilverStone Group), and Thomas Workman (Life Insurance Council of New York Inc.). This is a unique event that provides two groups, who normally do not have much interaction, to learn from each other. Executives are exposed to the latest developments in academic research and academics hear, first hand, real stories concerning the practice of leadership that so enrich and enliven a classroom conversation.