A Moment with our Faculty - Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA

Wade grew up in Iowa and Michigan, and his original plan in high school was to become a U.S. government economist.

Are People “Sold” on Ethics?

When I am asked how I became interested in studying business ethics, I often share one of my favorite quotations from Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher.

Everyday Ethics - The Disclosure Rule

This is another in a series of columns about guides to what I’ve been calling “Everyday Ethics.”

Ten Golf Lessons for Your Company and Its Compliance Program

The Game of Golf is rich in tradition, has worldwide appeal, state of the art ethical driven rules of play and played by millions.

Everyday Ethics – What If Everybody Did?

In our last issue, I talked about using the Golden Rule as a guide to ethical conduct on a day-to-day basis—what I called “everyday ethics”.

The Value of Virtue

Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the virtues, specifically, whether a consideration of various virtues can help inform our understanding of the ethical responsibilities of financial services professionals.

A Moment with our Faculty – John Whitham, MLIS, MSIS

Before beginning his Library Science studies, John Whitham had noticed a deficit with library research.

Moral Rebels and the Rest of Us

Sergeant Joe Darby walked into a hot Baghdad night, lit up one cigarette and then another, and tried to decide what to do.

Good News: 2012 Huebner Medal Recipients

On December 7th at The American College’s President’s Dinner held in Chicago, IL, Peter C. Browne, LUTCF and Alan Press, CLU®, LUTCF, were both awarded the distinguished Huebner Gold Medal.

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