2020-2021 Corporate Members




Member Benefits

Ethics Workshops

Ethics Workshops are day-long events that bring together representatives from Member organizations and other key stakeholders to discuss timely and relevant ethical issues. The centerpiece of each workshop is the presentation of the results of original research conducted by the Center, although we leave plenty of time for lively discussion and debate. The objective of each workshop is that participants leave with sound ideas that they can apply in their organizations. The Center held two Ethics Workshops in 2016. The first Ethics Workshop took place in April 2016 in Chicago, IL on the topic of women in the financial services industry. The second took place in June 2016 in Minneapolis, MN on how to build and maintain trusting relationships with clients and other stakeholders. At this workshop, the Center showcased its original research on factors that lead to the creation and maintenance of trust in a professional relationship. The emphasis was on how to translate this new knowledge into best practices for financial services professionals.

Ethics Summit

Member companies will have the opportunity to send up to two senior leaders and three emerging leaders to attend this two-track event. The emerging leaders will have a day of leadership development, facilitated by experts both inside and outside The American College of Financial Services. Senior leaders will spend the day sharing their own perspectives on the ethical challenges facing the financial services industry as well as learning from their peers and outside experts.

Ethical Cultures Survey

The American College Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics in Financial Services has partnered with the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the University of St. Thomas – Minnesota to provide an opportunity for you to examine ethics and integrity in your organization. Every organization touts its level of commitment to excellence in ethics and integrity in its business dealings, but how is it possible for leaders to know what is going on across the organization and which areas present an organizational risk? Using its findings from CEBC research on the characteristics of ethical business cultures, the CEBC partnered with a leading organizational employee engagement survey firm to incorporate key ethics themes into annual work trends surveys that were being conducted with over 30,000 employees from over 30 countries. The Center collected data from 2004 to 2012 to track trends in ethical business cultures from around the world and linked the findings to other employee engagement themes that drive organizational performance. As a benefit of Corporate Membership, members have the opportunity to work with CEBC to distribute this survey to their organizations at a discounted rate.


The Center offers Members an array of ethics presentations at reduced rates. These interactive sessions provide practical tools that can be used to build client trust. This is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your commitment to doing business in accordance with ethical principles. Specialized presentations can be designed to address the specific needs of your organization and align with your business culture. Many of these programs are eligible for continuing education credit (State Insurance CE, CPE and CLE).

Sounding Board

Members can utilize the Center as a confidential sounding board when faced with ethical challenges.

Recognition of Your Membership

Your organization will be recognized as a Corporate Member on the Center’s website and in The College’s annual report of gifts.